Welcome to the Armmory, a Story About a Store

It Has Begun, What is The Armmory?

Hello and welcome! My name is Devin and I run this little shop in my corner of the internet. I’m sure the first question coming to mind is “What is The Armmory all about?”

Well, not to shoot myself in the foot, but I don’t consider myself the greatest graphic designer. My wife is much better than I am, and she has and will help with some designs. However, one thing that I do possess is ideas. Seeing a lot of geek/gaming influenced shirts and hoodies got me to wanting to make my¬†own designs. So I did!

I started with a Redbubble shop, which ended up being a passive sales source. I did little to no promotion, but the designs were likable enough to have people buy them out of the blue! So, I decided to go all in.

What’s With the Two M’s?

I love the idea of an armory, and when you put on apparel that you purchase here, it’s like you’re putting on your armor! Unfortunately, I’m not the only one that feels that way.

I started thinking back to my past for some influence. I used to be in a hard rock band called Ammo, and I did the graphic and web design for the band. I ended up creating the Ammo logo using the same font as the Matrix logo but combining the 2 M’s to look like one. Using that similar idea, I chose the Armmory and created a more shield-like logo that features the two M’s. It’s not as obvious as the second M is a bit hidden, but it’s there!

Get to Gaming!

I’m obviously into geek and gaming stuff, as you can tell by some of the apparel inspirations. I also LOVE Twitch. The idea that folks can make a living entertaining and play the video games that they love amazes me. I’ve dabbled in the streaming, I just can’t keep the kind of schedule required to make anything more of it than a hobby.

You never know, maybe I’ll start doing some Armmory streams!

With that, I want to help grow smaller streamers. I have some friends that are streaming and absolutely love what they do. I want to help promote their streams and provide a revenue source as well. This will allow them to take one more step to making streaming their full-time gig! So be sure to follow The Blog and our social media accounts for announcements on new streamers that we sponsor!